Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can be the most painful and traumatic of all injuries. They can occur from negligent medical treatment, dangerously designed or operated products, explosions, chemical burns, mislabeled products, etc.

The most important thing about burns is to get good medical treatment in order to avoid possible infections and chronic conditions. It is very important to obtain an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Someone suffering from a serious burn may be in pain for a long time and need to go through long periods of rehabilitation and repeated operations.

Hiring an attorney is important so that an adequate investigation can be done to obtain critical evidence before it disappears. Often the civil authorities are involved and they can obtain very useful information. But frequently there is no civil investigation and a good thorough investigation by a skilled professional should be done as soon as possible after the incident.

If you are burned as a result of the negligence of someone else you are entitled by law to recover damages from the negligent person. Negligence means they didn’t act like a reasonable person under the circumstances. Damages means medical bills past and future, lost wages, lost employment opportunities, loss of consortium or the domestic tranquility of your family relationship, disfigurement including scarring, suffering, and pain–both what you have suffered already and what you are reasonably likely to suffer in the future including the rest of your life.

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