Elder Abuse

we understand how devastating nursing home or hospital abuse and neglect can be on you and your loved ones. Caring for these vulnerable seniors is a business and as in any business, profits are the bottom line. Unfortunately, many institutions increase profits by cutting back on staff or hiring less qualified employees to care for your loved one. These choices can result in residents not receiving the attention they require and often lead to disastrous outcomes such as debilitating falls, immobilizing ulcers, dehydration or malnutrition, and under the worst circumstances, death.
With more than thirty years of experience, Gunn McKay has represented many of our suffering senior citizens and their families. He is committed to bringing justice to those who are victims of companies who place profits over patients’ needs.
If you suspect that someone you love is suffering from abuse or neglect in a nursing home, assisted living facility or hospital, contact Mesa nursing home abuse attorney and hospital injury attorney, call Gunn McKay now.
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