Tavern Owners Liability

We understand how devastating it can be when someone is injured or killed by a drunk driver. Often that drunk driver was inebriated at an establishment anxious to make profits by selling alcohol to persons who are already at a point where they shouldn’t be driving. Arizona law makes tavern owners responsible to the victims of drunk drivers where they knew or should have known that a driver was at or above the legal limit for driving but continued to serve them alcohol and failed to make arrangements for the intoxicated person to get home without driving.
Every year drunk drivers cause millions of dollars of damage to individuals. If you or a member of your family has been injured or killed as a result of a drunk driver it is possible that you may have a claim against a tavern owner/liquor dispenser who supplied the alcohol to the drunk driver knowing or having reason to know that the person paying them to become intoxicated was going to get in a vehicle and drive in that dangerous condition.
Often the drunk driver either has no insurance to cover the losses he has caused or has inadequate insurance. This law creates a source for the injured to recover not only from the person who drove intoxicated but also from the person/persons who helped make him such a danger.
The injured person is entitled to recover for the losses suffered as a result of the negligence of the tavern owner including medical bills past, present and future, wages lost and that will reasonably be lost in the future, lost employment opportunities, loss of consortium including the care, comfort and support of the family relationship, pain and inconvenience caused by the injury in the past and present and what will reasonably be endured in the future.
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